Some common sense

Raymond Verheijen
In the past, talented football players were trained to be as fit as possible. These days, big strong men are trained to play football…..

For decades Football Associations have hired general fitness coaches to instruct future football coaches on fitness during coaching courses.These coaches had to listen to fitness coaches talking about muscles & energy systems using words like aerobic, anaerobic and other nonsense.Consequently, football coaches did not have a clue what these fitness coaches were talking about during the respective coaching courses.Because ‘fitness’ was lectured in non-football language(by fitness coaches), coaches developed the perception that football and fitness were 2 different things.


As a result, after finishing their coach education, football coaches still did not know anything about Football Fitness.
We always have to take football as a starting point otherwise the scientific cowboys keep introducing new ‘fitness hypes’ in football…..

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