The Incas regarded time and space as a single concept,football wise they were probably over 800 years ahead of their time

Understanding space and time is an essential element of the game.The varying degrees to which different footballers master this concept and how they can use it to develop their intuition within the context of the game ,are arguably what makes the difference between an average player,a good player and a great player.
You may well be a good passer of a ball but you wont be able to make that pass unless you have somehow created the TIME needed to execute it.You can achieve this by taking up the correct position to recieve the ball in SPACE.This is what we essentially call POSITIONAL SENSE or just READING THE GAME.
Of late I have seen far too many games where there is a distinct lack of understanding of TIME and SPACE.It is at times like this that I mourn the death of STREET FOOTBALL.A great way of life ,a spirit that has been sold to cars and commerce.To be truthful little attempt has been made to replace that spirit with something else,other oppurtunities for kids to experience the self learning process,the free and creative enviroment that is or was spontaneous STREET FOOTBALL.


7 thoughts on “SPACE and TIME

  1. The statement that time and space are essential ingredients to an indepth understanding of football goes for any game, I’d say. It’s also the kind of understanding and intuitional feeling that cannot really be tought. Some have that gift, others will dedicate much time and effort into it without ever really succeeding. What’s more, I believe the statement also goes for the planning of a sports career. Peaking too early or too late is a curse careerwise. This, however, often has to do with common sense and maybe even sensible parenting.

    • I can agree with this. However I do feel that intuition can be developed. À coach can set up some small game situations( 4v4, 5v5 etc) that have à high intensity and different rules thus making the player solve problems under pressure situations with the aim to create space and time and hopefully to develop an intuition to deal with these situations in à real game.
      This of course was something that developed naturally with Street Football.;-)

  2. I dont believe that street football is the key to developing the elements of time and space. But with regards to the other important aspects such creativeness and enjoyment there is nothing that can compare to a few t-shirts strategically placed in the middle of a garden, a lane or playground. I’ve seen so many outstanding steet players disappear when it comes to the real thing on Sunday mornings. I think its a bit of an apple and orange comparison.

    • Cheers for the reply Paul.
      I am not saying that Street football is the key to developing the elements of time and space.Rather that understanding space and time is an essential element of the game,there is a big difference.I believe that the freedom of street football gives a good grounding for developing the ability to understand time and space(amoung other things).On the other hand Paul, I also have seen many players who looked strong in training disappear when it came to match day and I have seen loads of academy trained players show an incredible lack of intuition once they stepped outside the system.
      Learn to play the instrument before joining the orchestra.;-)
      More Lemon and Lime than orange and apple???

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