Great Creativity Happens in Groups(mainly kids)

There are so many adult assumptions imposed on kids with regard to coaching structures and the childs own individual capacity.Creativity is often the victim of these assumptions.The kids own aesthetic experience,where the senses are alive and at their peak,where the moment is all that matters tend to get anesthesised by adult interference as the focus on what is being percieved by the child is broken down and the moment is lost.In other words there is a danger that we will in the long run COACH KIDS OUT OF THEIR CREATIVE CAPACITIES.

You see kids have many different ways  of perceiving and experiencing a situation,they have yet to be tied to the mast of conformity that is hoisted upon the expectations of adult life.Kids have an enormous capacity for creativity,they have lots of different possible interpretations of a situation and lots of possible soloutions to a situation.

Many traditional academies with their often ruthless squandering of creativity are organised on the factory line concept  and are modelled and shaped by the adult ego.maybe it is time to re-evaluate our concept of the incredible capacity that kids have?

If we as coaches are not prepared to be wrong …….then our capacity to be creative ourselves diminishes.



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