Xavi-Plays and talks a simple game.

Some words from XAVI HERNANDEZ from recent interviews .

Think quickly look for spaces.I see the space I pass.I spend the entire 90 min looking for some space on the pitch.

Lift your head before you receive the ball,you look to see if you are in space and who else is in space and you play the ball first time.

Some Youth Academies worry about winning too much

Skill over strength-A radical overhaul of values would mean NOTHING unless it started at KIDS level.



This is a simple excercise that can be done in the early part of your session.It is useful for all ages and it is a great way to sharpen the touch,get your players passing game and rhythm going plus it also helps develop the timing of  the players run into space to receive the ball.

1.The coach gives each player a number,in this case 1 to 4.The coach instructs the players that they are only allowed to play the ball the way they are facing .Once they receive the ball they cannot turn with it.The coach also tells his players that it is important that they lift their head before they receive the ball so that they can time their pass as their team mate runs into the space.

2.PLAYER 1 has the ball,PLAYER 2 moves into position where he can receive the ball.As PLAYER 1passes the ball to PLAYER 2,PLAYER 3 should now move into a position visible to PLAYER 2 and be available to receive the ball.As the ball is played from PLAYER 2 to PLAYER 3,PLAYER 4 takes up a position visible to PLAYER 3 and makes himself available to receive the ball……and so on.

Important:The player on the ball must only play the way he is facing.The receiver must TIME his run (not too early ,not too late) so that he is visible and available to the player on the ball.

As the players become more comfortable with the drill and it is flowing better try and get them to carry it out using only one touch.


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