A vision for the future of Scottish football

Many thanks to THE COACH DIARY for the heads up on this.

A vision for the future of Scottish football.


Here is a brief summary…..

Why 4v4? (6,7 & 8 year old)

  • More touches of the ball
  • More 1v1 situations
  • Develops more creative players
  • Encourages attacking football
  • Length, width & depth using the diamond shape

7v7 (9-12)

  • Diamond shape, same principles of play of the 4v4,
  • Encourages more attacking and defending situations
  • Long term development

What will this achieve?

  • Looking at long term player development.
  • Programme is now in place re amount of hours for practicing.
  • Try to re-create street football but in a safer environment with structure.
  • Try get kids kicking a ball for longer in the olds day for 4-5 hours per day

Trophy Free until U13 !!!!


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