Keeping Possession/Squeezing The Play

Following on from the PASS and MOVE DRILL one team shall  try and pass,move,create space and be as visible as possible to the player in possession, except this time under varying degrees of pressure.The team that exerts the pressure will be looking to close down the space,force errors and win the ball as quick as possible.

1.An area is marked out ( 20m by 20m) .The coach selects 2 teams,in this case 2 teams of 5.One team begins with the ball in the marked area,the other team waits outside.

2.When “team X” has completed 5 passes (unopposed) 1 player from “team O ” enters the marked area and attempts to win the ball.If “team X” succeeds in completing 5 more passes then a 2nd player from “team O” enters the playing area to assist in winning the ball.If 5 more passes are completed by “team X” then a 3rd player from “team O” joins in and so on…..

3.A point is scored for every player that is dragged in to the area(only on the completion of 5 passes)ie A 4th  player is dragged in and “team O” wins the ball before 5 passes are complete then that is 3 points to  team “team X”.

4.When the ball is won “team O” begins with the ball.

5.If one of the teams manages to complete 5 passes with 5 opposition players in the marked area they get to keep the ball and the drill starts from the beginning again.

6.Adjust the size of the playing area ,making it slightly smaller as the tempo,passing and movement improves.Other rules such as 2 touch or 1 touch can be introduced at the coaches disgretion.


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