What Is Your Definition of Success?

A dictionary definition:An event that accomplishes its intended purpose.

If you are a coach say of an age group somewhere between 6-12 ,what is your intended purpose?
Many  who are  coaching these age groups are living within a narrow definition of success that only includes winning. This can lead to an ego orientated climate that is typified by many professional coaches that work within the adult realm-winning at all costs.Again adult assumptions imposed on kids.

Success should be seen journey without an ultimate pinnacle but one that has many peaks.Even failures and mistakes should be seen as ways to success when working with this age group.At different periods of your coaching life as with different periods in a players career,success is and will be defined differently.
But it is extremely important that the coach gets it right from the start.Kids need to learn the game as kids.


A healthy attitude to and a positive application of achievement goals will go a long way to creating a happy and motivated climate within your team.

3 thoughts on “What Is Your Definition of Success?

  1. As my son plays Under 7’s soccer I think the line “But it is extremely important that the coach gets it right from the start.Kids need to learn the game as kids.” is pertinent but also the role coach should be interchanged with parent. Consider this . . . the coach and/or the parent gets it right from the start. Its not easy as a parent to know what is best. Hopefully the coaches do. I see some clubs and some coaches getting it better than others. The Kids footie for my son seems more organised rather than better organised when i was young. I appreciate what is going on. I wonder rather than worry that he is gaining coached skills rather than skill and the idea of non competitive leagues is a sham. The kids know and rem who won and by how many. on the pitch the coaches are hoarse asking them to pass. parents are great supporting but winning, scoring becomes all important so how do coaches and parents remedy their behaviour? How do kids not transfer the hype and hyperbole of the media to their own little worlds? My wife is involved with http://www.littlekickers.ie and the motto is play not push but even with these kids from 2-5 years old parents can still be ‘soccer mums or soccer dads’ so to speak. The concept of redefining success is a difficult task when the world itself defines success in narrow terms regardless if its business, sport, politics or whatever. nonetheless its good advice and maybe just being aware is the positive first step.

  2. what I didnt say there was the pain he goes though when they loose or when its his turn in nets and the other team score. my biggest concern is his level of enjoyment. If i caould help him redefine success as ‘enjoying the game’ i would be happy

    • The coach needs to take some responsibility here if your son goes through a lot of pain when they lose.Perhaps you should talk to him about this and see what you as a parent and he as a coach can do to solve this.Maybe the coach needs to redefine success aswell?

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