Defending Midfield/Attacking Game

Here is a simple defending/attacking  excercise that I have been using recently.I wanted my midfielders(0)to focus more on getting close and closing down attackers in posession.If the attacker passes the ball then it is vital that my midfielder doesnt follow the ball but goes with the runner.I also want the Midfielders who are marking players  not in posession of the ball, to make it difficult for their opponents to run into space and  have a free run at goal.

The Attackers(X)  recieve the ball with their backs to the goal and their aim is to turn the defenders(midfielders),find space,create space for each other and score a goal by passing the ball through the cones to X7.

X1 feeds the ball to either X2,X3 or X4, who have the option of using players X5and X6 positioned outside the area as well as their teammates within the area.Those outside the area have a maximum of two touches.If  a wall pass is played to either X5 or X6 then it is vital that the defender doesnt follow the ball but goes with the runner.

One of the great benefits of this excercise is that the defender/Midfielder who is NOT closing down the player in posession gets to learn and develop a feel for how to best close down the space between his man ,the  ball and the attacking space behind him.


One thought on “Defending Midfield/Attacking Game

  1. Thanks. Tried it out yesterday with U14/15s. Goalkeeper needed some practice so I tried a little variation:

    Basics all the same but instead of passing to a player through cones at the end line, they had a 3 or 4 metre shooting zone. And no extra player there. The original end line was along the edge of the penalty area with the shooting area extending 3 metres into it. Two touch max, including shot, in that area – if they get to it. With goalie in front of full-size goals.

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