The general guidelines for preseason training Raymond Verheijen  uses in pre-season when working with clubs like Barca, Zenit, Chelsea, Man City or Feyenoord.
Week 1: Mon tactical, Tue conditioning 11v11/8v8 (for example 3x10min), Wed off, Thu tactical, Fri tactical, Sat amateur game, Sun off.
Week 2: Mon tactical but no games, Tue conditioning 11v11/8v8 (3x11min), Wed off, Thu tactical, Fri tactical, Sat amateur game, Sun off.
Week 3: Mon tactical no games, Tue conditioning 7v7/5v5 (e.g. 4x5min), Wed off, Thu tactical, Fri tactical, Sat pro game, Sun recovery.
Week 4 : Mon off, Tue tactical, Wed pro game (group 1) & conditioning 7v7/5v5 (group 2, e.g. 4×5.5min), Thu recovery (group 1+2). Fri off, Sat tactical, Sun pro game (group 2) & football conditioning games 7v7/6v6/5v5 (group 1, e.g. 4×5.5min).

Week 5 : Mon recovery (group 1+2), Tue off, Wed tactical, Thu football conditioning games 4v4/3v3 (2x6x1minWork/2minRest),Fri tactical (pm), Sat tactical (pm), Sun top game (last game before start of season with strongest team).
Week 6 : Mon recovery for starting XI & football conditioning games for subs 4×5.5min 7v7/5v5, Tue off, Wed tactical,Thu conditioning games 4v4/3v3 (e.g. 2x6x1minWork/1.5minRest), Fri tactical (pm), Sat tactical (pm), Sun 1st league game.

“The main objective of pre-season is to have all your players available in training/friendlies every day so you can develop your best team
.One of the golden rules in pre-season is NO conditioning session or physical testing on Day one. Players need 1st day to restart the engine.Also, never conditioning on consecutive days. Always at least one tactical day between conditioning days to avoid the accumulation of fatigue.
To cut a long story short, with this approach your team will be as fit as any other team & look even fitter as their is no accumulation of fatigue.More importantly you will have significantly less injuries, so you can train and play more often with the  best players and develop your strongest team”.


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