Counter Attack/ Build up play


 In this drill we are looking to develop a fast breaking counter attack mentality and also develop the confidence and ability to build up the play from the back.

The yellow team is restricted to a at least making a certain amount of passes in each 1/3 of the pitch  , while the red team has 6 passes in total throughout the whole pitch.

The Yellow team must have all its players over the middle 1/3 before it can score. They should be patient in the build up and try and stretch the opposition as much as possible. They should also be looking to use quick combinations with the midfield and also dribble into space when the opportunity arises.

The Red team need to have a more direct counter attacking style as they are limited to 6 passes. The red team should develop an ability to recognize the opportunity for a quick counter the build  up team(Yellow) has commited many players forward so the red team should be looking to exploit the space behind the defensive line.

The Red team has a decision to make.

1. Press high up the pitch and try and win the ball  as close as possible to the Yellow teams goal.

2. Drop and invite the Yellows in to their half  where they can intercept and counter attack.


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