I completed the UEFA B Licence this November with the Swedish Football Association(All in Swedish including a 2 hour written theory test).The course was incredibly well organised with excellent tutors that worked hard to get the best out of all participants.The facilities were top class(Indoor 11 aside arena) .The tutors made great use of the fact that the course participants come from different footballing backgrounds and philosophies (from Professional players,ex Iranian national team assistant coach,elite womens football coaches,youth development and grassroots coaches) by getting us to work in groups of 2 or 3 but never in the same group for more than one task.This  helped form a very open creative enviroment for us to learn from each other aswell as from the tutors.The Swedish FA’s  focus on the longterm development of their players and their coaches was always of premium, a message that was repeated many times during the course.

2 thoughts on “UEFA B LICENCE

    • congrats Mark. Love the 2-3 work shop groups comment. I wonder should Kids soccer teams change the coaches every so often? I am seeing teams built around the coach (obviously his son is in that team for logistics) but if a club has 2-3 teams should the kids be swopped around to experience diff players, diff coaching styles? now my sons team Naas AFC in Ireland has three U9 teams. They train twice a week but they all train together and coached by all coaches; however, the play for separate teams (only changes when someone is ill or away and numbers needed). is that enough? what would you suggest?

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