Continuing on from Heads up and The Brain Game , here is a fun drill that will help develop awareness,decision making,movement ,technique and get your players  MULTITASKING.

ORGANISATION :                                                                                                                                                        A total of  7 players. An area marked out 15 M x 15 M. 4 players A,B,C,D on the outside. 3 players in the middle creating a 2(yellow) v 1(Blue).The yellows try to keep possession using the players on the outside. The blue player tries to break up the play and win the ball.

Each player on the outside has a different  coloured cone in each hand. The Yellow players have only 2 touches.

If the ball is played to outside player  C ,then player A holds up one of the coloured cones. The player who passed the ball to player C must immeadiately adjust his body position, take up a good position in space to be available to  receive the ball/ or just create space for his team mate while at the same time rotating his head,checking behind him to see and shout out the colour of the cone that Outside player A has held up.

If the ball Is passed to Outdide player D then Outside player B must hold up one of his/her coloured cones. Etc etc etc

Switch player roles  every 2 minutes.

DEVELOPMENT: If the blue player wins the ball he/she tries to combine with the players on the outside under the same rules as above. The blue player is allowed as many touches of the ball as he /she wants. Yellows try to win the ball back.

DEVELOPMENT 2: The Yellow team play one touch .



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