The Facilitator


Recently I was invited to give a course to 14 Stockholm based coaches from the Essinge IK  football club.The coaches worked with kids ,both boys and girls from 8 to 12. My personal aim with this course was to be a facilitator for discussion where the coaches themselves discussed and debated their roles.

Here is some of the material I brought with me and used at the course.


Football training for each age group should be like a pair of shoes .Formed to suit their psycological and physical capacity .we are a product of our culture to get things done fast. (HORST WEIN)

Practice makes permenant not perfect

Every 10-20 millisecs people experience an emotion and 500 millisecs later they think consciously.

 We learn

68%- If we solve a problem ourselves

18%- Is someone gives you the answer

6-12 year olds –Can they learn as much with us(coaches) as without us?


Street Football/Spontaneous Football (Rinus Michels )

 1.The most natural football educational system.Develops an inner motivation to play and play again.

 2. Learning from their mistakes in a natural competitive enviroment unaware of the technical, mental and physical characteristics that they are developing.

 3. The game is the teacher.

 4. Develops social skills.

 5. Minimal adult interference(personally the only time I heard an adult voice when I was playing street football was when I was called in for my dinner.)


A good coach will show you where to look but will not tell you what to see.



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