7 V 7 Plus 2 goalkeepers

In this Small Sided Game we  play 7 v 7 where the team in possession  (yellows) try to build up play  ,enter the opponents half and pass the ball to the goalkeeper  (DIAG 2)who in turn looks to play the ball back to a yellow player so that they can turn and attack the other end and look to pass the ball to the other goalkeeper. If the reds win the ball then they look to play the ball to the goalkeeper and then attack the opposite end .


Once the players are comfortable with the drill and display a good understanding of movement, support and rotation of positions we can introduce the middle zone (5m).

In this middle zone no player is allowed to be stationary. The team in possession must always play through the middle zone at least once when moving the ball from one end to the other. Therefore the timing of the run into the middle zone is very important and the player receiving the ball in this area must be aware of the passing options available to him , show a good 1st touch on the move while showing ability to shield the ball. A defender may enter the middle area aswell but the same rules apply.

The introduction of the middle zone replicates “playing between the lines” in a real 11v11 game.



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