Transition Game



This is a great match realistic problem solving drill that I picked up in my recent trip to the RCD Espanyol academy. The kids I saw doing this were only 7 years old and through this drill  they understood  the concepts of creating width and depth when in possession and being compact when defending while developing an understanding of a quick and efficient transition from Defence to attack and attack to defence.

An area of 30 m x 20 m is marked out, The Yellow ( 3 + 1 goal keeper) team are defending , the blue team ( 3 players) are attacking. Blues try and score by putting the ball between the cones past the yellow keeper while yellow try to build up play from the back and dribble the ball over the line where the coach is standing.

Diagram 1

Yellows begin a few metres nearer their own goal than the blues , both teams awaiting the coaches signal.

Diagram 2

The coach plays the ball behind the Yellow teams backline. The Yellows must immediately recover get  control of the ball while being  pressed by the Blue team.

 Diagram 3

The Yellows play the ball back to the goalkeeper  , immediately  creating  width and depth  .

Diagram 4


Now the blues must defend and press the yellow team. Here the goalkeeper plays the ball out to the right back who has created width and has a good body shape to receive the ball ( Open to the play, good angle and receiving the ball with the foot  that is furthest away )

Diagram 5

Diagram 6

Through various combinations of play the yellow team try to build up play and dribble the ball over the line where the coach is standing.


If the Yellow team lose possession they must try and get compact as soon as possible closing off the dangerous central area.


2 thoughts on “Transition Game

  1. Keep posting drills for young players! what do you recommend for players in the age 11? what should I focus on? I want my players to be intelligent and have a good understanding for the game, do you have any good tips?

    • Hi Robn
      Thank you for getting in touch.
      You coach 11 year olds..firstly focus on making sure that they enjoy it.
      Do they play 11 v 11,9v9 or 7v7 ???
      Have you done any excercises with them where they are forced to constantly look around them to take in information/pictures as to what is happening in the pitch?
      Do you encourgae them to play football outside training?
      Do you do any SSGs where they can work on solving problems within 3 touches? create width and depth on the ball and get compact off teh ball also teaching them how to press?
      If you answer these then I can send you some ideas

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