No 6 in the FOOTBLOGBALL ESSENTIAL INTERVIEWS is 17 year old footballer Elias Lindberg .

In September 2012 FOOTBLOGBALL did and interview with Elias Lindberg , a young Swedish player who went almost unnoticed in his native Stockholm Sweden and is now playing in one of Spain’s highest youth leagues regularly playing against  La Liga clubs such as Seville , Real Betis and Malaga .  His journey here is an interesting one and looking over both interviews with Elias as he talks about his personal experiences we get an insight in to possible answers for many of the questions that FOOTBLOGBALL has asked in the 5 previous Essential interviews.

FOOTBLOGBALL : It has been a year since we last did an interview with you. What have you been up to ?

ELIAS :  A lot has happened. I have had a full season in Spain , the possibility to play against some of the best teams in the country  including Malaga, Almeria, Granada, Real Jaen and also train and play  with Malaga CF. I have been training with the Swedish U17 National team. I also had offers to sign a contract with Bristol City in England  and a team in Madrid Rayo Majadahonda but I choose to stay in Malaga where I attend a Swedish school and have my father living here. This season I have changed team to Puerto Malagueno to play in the highest junior league in Spain in the Andalusien district which has the same population as Sweden around  10 million . We get to regularly play against teams like Sevilla, Real Betis , Malaga , Almeria  ,Recreativo De Huelva , Granada , Exerez. I choose to play here over Malaga because it provided me with the opportunity  to play in a higher league. I have also changed position to center back and I feel that has taken my football to another level as it suits my footballing strengths and qualities. I have also moved in to my own apartament  to live closer to the training camp.

FOOTBLOGBALL : You trained with one of the elite clubs in Stockholm this summer . Can you compare and contrast this to the type of training to that which you get in Spain  ?

ELIAS : I had a very enjoyable experience training with AIK. There are many differences between Sweden and Spain and probably the biggest difference is the way we train. In Sweden they use a LOT of cones to do static technical training where in all the teams I trained with in Spain its less static with more  free play. Keep ball 9vs9 , 11vs11 and a variety of  game situations and  excercises .The physical training always includes a ball . Also the mentality of the coaches here in Spain is different , the coaches  are more open with  their feelings when we are training and playing matches. I also  think  that  the respect  for the coach in Spain is a bit better. Even though the organisation  in Sweden is a LOT better , in Spain there is more focused on the football and less on the things around football . The size difference between Swedish and Spanish players is also obvious J

FOOTBLOGBALL :  You have moved to center back and your team are top of the league after 5 games ( no goals conceded). How has your training changed since you moved from midfield to defence ?

 ELIAS : We have had an excellent start with 5 wins in our first 5 games . Playing at center back  and conceding no goals  gives you a LOT of confidence. I feel a lot  more secure in this position .  I really feel this position suits me perfectly , especially  as I have become a lot faster and stronger in the last year probably due to growing physically and the extra training I have been putting in .The qualities I have gained playing in midfield really helps me a lot  because my ball control and passing is a lot better. Always when you change position you become better at some things and worse at others I have improved  my heading, positioning, tackling  and in general  being more relaxed on  the ball but then parts of my technical play need to improve as I am not using the ball in the same way as I did when I played in midfield.

 FOOTBLOGBALL :  What is the most important thing that you have learnt this year ?

ELIAS : Probably that the possibility of becoming a professional footballer is not so far away but you really need to sacrifice a lot to get there and you need to have a lot luck. A trainer that likes you , the right person watching you in the right games. There are many small things that decide if you will succeed or not.

FOOTBLOGBALL: What positives and strengths from your Swedish upbringing and training are an advantage when you play football in Spain ?

ELIAS : Probably  discipline and physique . In Sweden we have a LOT more knowledge with regard to the relationship between  food and training and also the importance of rest . The physique you get from the Swedish way of training  has helped  me stand out more in Spain .



  1. I saw one of your comments on the Talent Code website and came here. I think you have a really interesting view on the coaching of players. I wanted to ask you what a player could do by themselves to improve their game intelligence and tactical awareness of the game. What are your thoughts?

    • Hi Nick
      Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. In my opinion a good way to help develop game intelligence is by taking in as much information as possible during the game .You asked me what a player can do by themselves but I believe that as much of your training and development should take part within the context of the game and game situations in training sessions. Many players spend far too much time looking at the ball when they should be really taking in information with regard to the game. How is game going? Are the opposition more concentrated on playing to the left side? What signals do they give to us on how they will play(short passing build up , long ball ) ?When we win the ball how organised are they? Can I find a weakness in their transition from attack to defense so that I can play the right pass when I win the ball? How do my players react to this ? What positions does my center forward take up when we win the ball ?These are just some ideas off the top of my head. Developing game intelligence as with tactical awareness requires enormous amounts of concentration . You can work on all this in training.Never stop thinking .Game intelligence and tactical awarness go hand in hand. So concentrate on looking at the game while occasionally looking at the ball. Then when you get the ball you will make the right decision.

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