Ali has a 5 month old son. They pay regular visits to the physiotherapist due to the fact that his son has underdeveloped neck muscles. The physiotherapy is slowly improving the situation. Ali was wondering why his son had this problem and why the response to the treatment was taking longer than the doctors had anticipated. The child had a normal birth, no complications, eats well and in general is developing like all normal babies, except for the neck muscles. Ali is a youth football coach and a highly educated pedagog interested in how children learn and develop.  Ali decided to analyse the environment where his son spends most of his time, the family home. A few months before his son’s birth the family, as part of a placement scheme took in a dog. Ali realised that because of the dog he rarely allowed his son the chance to be on the floor. Children after they are born develop from top to the bottom. Head, body, legs feet. The home social environment was a significant factor in stunting the development of his son’s neck muscles. His son rarely got the opportunity to do what all children at this age do naturally. Lie down and practice lifting their head to see the world.

Now that Ali understands the situation he can adjust the environment to suit the needs of his son. Maximising development and potential.

Ali’s situation can easily be used as an example to help us analyse our players and the environment we create for them.

Look for the dog (rate limiter) in your coaching environment. Look for the dog (rate limiter) in your player’s environment


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