Coach education can be multi-sport driven – we can learn from each other.

Soccer- Basketball- Lacrosse

Bart Sullivan is currently the Head Boys Varsity Lacrosse Coach and Program Director for Southlake Carroll High School in Southlake, Texas. Recently he posted a blog that reminded me of the value of communication between coaches of different sports. There is always something to learn, always ideas to share. Bart has used some ideas from my last blog “How do we help the young player organise information and action?” and USA baskeball coach Brian McCormick to design his own training sessions for lacrosse. Let us reflect on this. Three different sports, three different sized balls. One sport played using the feet, another using the hands and the third with sticks.

“Our aim is to promote a rethink of learning that helps people to be their best by encouraging organisations to embed functional coaching systems and dynamic learning environments that best meet their needs”My fastest mile

Bart, Brian and I work mainly with young athletes. Even away from training design I am sure that we have much to learn from each others experiences. We work with and do our best to support children that are going through a bio-psycho-social development in a sporting context This complex non-linear development is as much a challenge for us coaches as it is for the young athletes.. Our training design also needs to take this in to consideration. We are working with learners. For me it is about creating learning opportunities that teach the young players to learn to think for themselves. Bart has sought inspiration from other sports to help shape the dynamics of the learning environment.

“Kids typically enjoy them more because they are essentially games rather than drills”- Bart Sullivan

You can read about Bart’s training session and watch a film clip  here. I really look forward to hearing about his reflections.


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