My Learning Space

learning space

So many coaches talk about the “right way” to introduce kids to the game. I think that we should let the kids introduce themselves (Mark O Sullivan, 2015)

This blog is my learning space. In this post I want to  shine a light on some of those who have inspired me on my learning journey. If you click on their names you will be directed to their twitter account. I would advise you to follow them.

Dr Martin Toms – Cultural Isotopes                                             

Richard Bailey– Positive early experiences of sport matters

Mark Upton– Learning v Performance & challenging traditional coaching

Nick Levett – The Value of Play / Grassroots coaching                                   

Lynn Kidman –  Learning Opportunities                                                           

Jean Côté –  “If you want to see what autonomy looks like then look at the face of a child that has just learned to walk. That smile is self-esteem growing”                                                                                   The Dynamic Process of Development Through Sport

Celso Borges – Portrait of a Professional Footballer as a Child

Henok Goitom – Professional soccer player/ Community developer

Ian Renshaw – The Child in Sport: Meeting their needs in early structured competition

Janne Mian – Professional Senior Elite Coach, Sweden- Happy Birthday Janne!!!!


2 thoughts on “My Learning Space

  1. Well done Mark! 100,000! You have created a learning space for me and others in your Blog, The Coaching Diary and Twiiter writings that has helped me tremendously in critically thinking/learning about my approach to coaching and parenting. That said, there will be many young children’s lives who will be positively affected by your work for years to come. All the Best, Dave Darcy

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