Coaching Team Games Symposium – Sheffield Hallam University


I was very happy to be asked by Keith Davids to present at the Research and Practice Design in Elite and Development Team Games Symposium at Sheffield University on June 1st. it will be an honour to share a Learning Space and present with Daniel Newcombe (Wales Hockey) and Vanda Correia (School of Education and Communication, University of the Algarve and CIPER, Faculty of Human Movement Science, University of Lisboa, Portugal).

below is a brief description of my presentation.

As Many as Possible as Long as Possible in the Best Environment Possible

This presentation addresses the challenge of presenting a Nonlinear Pedagogy and Constraints Led Approach in coach education or workshop form.The developmental environment of sport is ever changing. Our coaching methods, our curriculum and learning environment (The Learning Space) need to not only be adapted for the development of the individual over time but in some way, must respond to the ever- accelerating changes in our world, social structures and immediate environment.

The questions examined in this presentation concerns how insights into the complex culture of child-youth sports in the 21st century can inform us as to how we create an environment at child youth level, which is central to developing an effective learning environment for: (i) As many as possible, as long as possible, and (ii), future high performance.  Often it can be parent coaches or NGBs or very experienced coaches that are taking part in these workshops or coach education courses. Explaining the science requires skillful navigation around the key theoretical concepts, without confusing practitioners, for if we want to change a culture we need to change the language. But this cannot mean that we bombard coaches with terminology. We must present it in a way that is meaningful to them while at the same time preserving the integrity of the science. It can be argued that this is an important step in how to provide further insights to advancing the practical application of theoretical understanding and pedagogical guidelines for designing learning environments in children’s football, while also acknowledging the value of integrating coaches’ experiential knowledge with empirical knowledge.

Full information here: Coaching in Team Games Symposium SHU 2017

I am really looking forward to meeting up with some great people especially Al Smith and Mark Upton who will be hosting a Re learn event later that evening.



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