Walking up Patrick Street in Cork City ,just past the side entrance to the Old English Market I noticed a small crowd had gathered. A look of horror and despair descended on the small gathering that was becoming larger by the second.The silence,the silence ,it was the eiry silence that attracted the attention of the passers by.A television in a shop window was beaming pictures live from Hillsborough where Liverpool should have been playing their FA Cup semi final against Nottingham Forest.Instead there was images of hopelessness and despair.We only saw the pictures,no commentary ,no skysports style information side bar.The pictures were enough, we knew what we were looking at ,we could see it in the faces of the thousands on the pitch as some clentched their hair in despair begging for help as they looked down on a motionless loved one,friend,family member,Son,Daughter,Father,Mother fellow human being.

We came in silEnce,we watched in silence,we left in silence. We knew what we saw,no Government-Police spin was going to change what we saw…we knew what we saw.


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